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The division of each zodiac sign into 12 segments of 2.5 degrees, with each segment also receiving the name of a sign of the zodiac. Also called the dwadashamsa of Indian astrology, usually simplified today as dwad. There are several methods to name the dwads, but the most common one is to give the first dwad of a sign the same name as its sign, and then to name the remaining dwads in their order around the zodiac. For example, the first dwad in the sign of Aquarius would be Aquarius; the second one, Pisces; the third one, Aries, and so on. The dwad is of some antiqity in western astrology. The Latin poet Manilius in the first century CE (Astronomica 2:693-787) gave them considerable importance. Dwads can be used to detect finer shades of meaning in a natal horoscope, or to detect differences in the charts of identical twins. Dwads are rarely used in practice, however.