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ISAR is the abbreviation of International Society for Astrological Research, one of the larger American astrological associations, besides NCGR, AFA and AFAN. ISAR was originally founded in 1968, but has been a California-based non-profit organization since December 5, 1979. That is the ISAR official incorporation date, and the basis for its own "natal" chart.[1].

ISAR has played an important role in the support of astrological research and in data collection. The predecessor of Lois Rodden's AstroDatabank was the RID (Rodden-ISar-Databank).


ISAR's purpose is to assist, encourage, and educate those who wish to achieve and maintain a high professional standard of competence in the field of astrology.has a code of ethics and aims to support the highest quality standards in astrology. There is an elaborate code of ethics[2] and a certification program[3]


  • 1968 - 1979 ??
  • 1979 - 1982 ??
  • 1982 - 1995 Carol Tebbs
  • since 1995: the current very active president is the financial astrologer Raymond Merriman from Chicago.

Independent of the number of members in a particular country ISAR nominates a vice president for each country. Therefore there is quite a number of vice presidents, 26 of them in early 2009[4].

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