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another way we can look at this expression is in the mathmatical realm of fractals. fractals are small patterns that repeat (again and again!) as larger patterns, as in nature and seen again in the cosmos. An example are the axioms of nerve endings that look like tree branches, and then those tree branches can be found as river deltas as seen from space, or as dried river valleys as seen on mars from a plantary probe, or indeed dendrite or tree branch patterns in gaseous nebulas......fractals have led us to important high tech inventions that influence everything from computers to water treatment. I believe the original fractal mathematics come from an IBM scientist......fractals are numberical patterns thats repeat, often in non-linear ways, like the golden mean or phi concept of 1.61 which is the relation between the hypotenouse of a triangle to the sum of the other two sides. but what we are saying here is the relevance of large to small and vica large astronomical orders are seen in OURSELVES! side bar on fractals would be to see a small print in a flannel shirt or drapery that repeats itself endlessly only to be a large canvas....or, how about an "esher" painting!

we also need to look at the Seal of Solomon.........going back to the book Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi........these are the interlaced trangles of Macroprosopus and Microprosopus, the two ancients of the cabalah, the god of light and the god of reflections, of mercy and of vengeance. essentially, the real versus the reflection. Devil vs god, man vs god. but....we get the idea of all that we see above is indeed IN US. We can go Biblical and announce the idea that god made man in his own image. We can also look at Tarot cards are the macro within the micro.......tie in Divination

really tie in, here, sacred geometry!

so, it becomes relevant to study the above, and in doing so, we can see ourselves that much more so clearly. the wise astrologer gets a grasp of this, and in time and with practice, becomes adept. A person's chart becomes a living litany of what the cosmos had in store for the person, all along!

What the gifted astrologer sees, is a blueprint of the individual at birth, with all potentials heralded great and small, good and evil...(myself: what I see is the karmic blueprint of lives led that now influence the NOW)